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Sharing Education

SHARING EDUCATION Funds I & II invest in transforming existing schools in Portugal into leading international institutions through the SHARING Pedagogical concept.

Blue Economy Investment Fund

Growth Blue is a Private Equity fund following a growth strategy, focused exclusively on SMEs and Mid Caps operating in the “Blue Economy” sector, with the purpose of using ocean resources in a sustainable way, for economic growth.

Vida Hospitality Growth Fund

Acquiring undervalued hospitality businesses and revitalize them. Adopts an integrated owner/operator approach.


Invests in corporate financial instruments, capital and debt, in particular in companies specialized in commodities such as gold, minerals and natural resources

Portugal 88

A real estate fund that invest in the luxury residences used for touristic short term stays. Anticipated annual return of 5%.

Blue Crow Development Fund

Invests in renewable energy that caters to the increasing demand for a more sustainable and cleaner way to power the planet. By financing specific infrastructures the fund is able to generate high and stable yields in the long run.

Football Strategies Fund

Football Strategies FundInvests in football clubs adopting a multi-club ownsership business model. Will diversy portolio through multiple investments. Integrated marketing approach, cost efficiency and career management approach.

Biovance Capital Fund I

Startups developing novel drugs/therapeutics across all modalities and diseases

New Frontiers Energy Fund

Invests in the shares of solar projects in Portugal which are at a early stage, assists in the development and then exits for a healthy profit when the project for a ready to build stage.

Indico Blue Fund

Invest in Blue Economy early-stage and growth companies.


Companies with high growth opportunities. Primary, in AI technologies and connected services, or companies that can benefit their operations from AI

Blue Tech III Fund

Will invest in innovative and technological Portuguese rooted companies with similar investment strategy. Technological companies in later stage of financing with proven results or other in early stages. Target return over 20%.

Iberis Greytech Co-Investment Fund

The Greytech II is focused on opportunistic and diversified investments in solid Portuguese SMEs. Iberis identifies attractive growth opportunities and Greytech Fund acts as a co-investor. Target return of 15/20%.

ActiveCap Opportunities Fund

Growth companies in Portugal Strong active minority share positions in niche leaders and innovators Companies with a R&D component Mostly as primary capital Companies with revenues over 10 million Euros.
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    As the allure of Portugal Golden Visa continues to captivate global investors, the role of investment funds has become paramount.

    These funds not only offer a streamlined path to obtaining the coveted Portugal Golden Visa but also present a unique opportunity to tap into Portugal’s burgeoning economic landscape. It’s worth noting that all investment activities in Portugal are under the watchful eye of the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM), ensuring transparency and adherence to European financial standards.

    By aligning your investment strategy with the right funds, you can enjoy the dual benefits of robust financial returns and seamless access to Portugal’s residency and citizenship advantages.

    Dive deeper into our curated selection of top-performing Portuguese investment funds eligible for Golden Visa and embark on a journey that bridges the best of investment and residency opportunities in Portugal. 

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