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Investment Funds

Venture Capital Funds are becoming the most popular way to obtain the Portugal's Golden Visa

The minimum investment is 500 thousand Euros.

Venture Capital Funds are a very popular way of investing to obtain Portugal’s Golden Visa.

The minimum investment is 500 thousand Euros. You can split the invested amount into several funds to diversify and reduce your risk.

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Funds are a great way of obtaining diversification because the fund will invest in a pool of assets and not just in one asset like you would probably do if you would invest in real estate.

Venture Capital Funds in Portugal are regulated and closely supervised by Portugal´s Securities and Exchange Commission (CMVM).

Funds are audited by an external auditor, usually by a major international audit firm.

Private Equity Funds income is not taxed, and the income paid to investors is also not taxed if the investor does not live in Portugal (except for those that live in some “tax havens”).

The Blue Portugal has a unique insight in the funds area, because the founding members of the company spent most of their careers in the financial area locally and internationally and have strong and long links with the major players in this sector in Portugal.

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